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Moon Revival featured on Glamour Magazine

So, something kind of crazy happened recently. Glamour Magazine featured a 1920’s blouse from Moon Revival Vintage in their recent project ‘100 Years of Workplace Fashion’! The video is really fun and I adore how they styled the blouse. Watch it in action in the video below.

This was one of my favorite pieces that I have ever restored and sold in the shop. It was made from silk crepe chiffon with orange and black stitching. There were 2 hidden snap closures at the shoulders and had 3 tiny weights sewn behind the front hemline to keep it from flying up while dancing, which I thought was really cool. It was a special moment to see it find a great new home with Glamour in this amazing project. Thanks Glamour!

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Sarah Wears Vintage | My Favorite Summertime 1930s Dress

SarahWearsVintage | 1930s dressBehold this pretty little late 1930s dress. It’s made of paper thin silk that makes it the perfect dress for hotter days, so you’ll probably see me living in it all summer long. I actually picked this up at a yard sale and decided to keep it instead of adding it to the shop for obvious reasons, but I justified it in the end because of a few holes and tears in the fabric. I always get more compliments on my clothing when I wear vintage out in public, but this dress takes the cake. No one even notices the holes or imperfections. While I want to keep a lot of things I sell, I rarely do. I’ve probably only held back 5-10 items for myself over the course of selling vintage since 2012. That’s probably going to change though, because this dress makes me want to wear vintage everyday!SarahWearsVintage | 1930s dressSarahWearsVintage | 1930s dressSarah Wears Vintage | 1930s dressSarah Wears Vintage | 1930s dressSarah Wears Vintage | 1930s dressSarah Wears Vintage | 1930s dress

Sarah’s wearing: Vintage 1930s dress | Vintage 1950s brass ring (borrowed from my mom) | My all time favorite lip color Retro Matte Dangerous by MAC | Red patent leather flats by Adrienne Vittadini

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Vintage Lookbook | 1940s Day Dress at the Red Barn Duet

This Vintage Lookbook features an adorable striped 1940s day dress and a 1960s floral handbag, which have just arrived to the shop. I’ve never seen a day dress quite like this. It goes over the head, the solid brown bodice snaps in the back, and the striped dress falls over the back of the bodice and wraps around to the front where it buttons down the front of the skirt. Had it fit me perfectly, I would have kept it for myself (which is something i very rarely do). So after holding onto her for about a year I am saying adieu. I laundered her and made a few minor repairs, and now she’s ready for her next chapter with her new owner.vintage lookbook | 1940s day dress I stumbled upon a bit of history while working on this vintage lookbook. My husband Kris and I were out driving on country roads in Taylorsville, KY when we spotted this pair of red barns. I immediately started looking for a place to park and, lo and behold, I see a small gravel spot about the size of my car right across the street from the barns. So we pull off, jump out, and start to snap as many pictures as we can. A few days later a friend of ours saw one of the pictures from the lookbook and mentioned that he had been searching for a red barn for a shoot he was working on. Barns are everywhere you turn Kentucky, so I thought that was kind of odd. Whenever I imagine a barn in my head, its red in color. But then I started actually looking for them every time I was out driving and he was right….no one paints their barns red anymore!1940s day dress | vintage lookbookSo, I did some digging and I found out that early barns (in the late 1700’s) were painted red out of convenience and frugality. Wanting to protect their barns from weather damage, farmers made their own paint from skimmed milk, lime, and red iron oxide (which was plentiful because it’s found in natural red clay). Farmers noticed that painting their barn helped to keep it warmer during the winter so red paint quickly spread in popularity, and so the “American Red Barn” was born. I also read that red has remained the traditional color for most American barns in the Northeastern and Midwestern United States, which excludes Kentucky. So, that concludes my ramblings on why barns are (or perhaps aren’t) red. Thanks for reading!1940s day dress | vintage lookbook1940s day dress | vintage lookbook1940s day dress | vintage lookbook1940s day dress | vintage lookbook1940s day dress | vintage lookbook1940s day dress | vintage lookbook1940s day dress | vintage lookbookSarah’s Wearing: Vintage 1940s day dress and Vintage 1960s floral clutch purse by Moon Revival Vintage, Vintage 1950’s ring (borrowed from my mom), Pink sky t-strap heels by Swedish Hasbeens

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Vintage Lookbook | Spring 2016 Transitional

I love timeless vintage pieces that can be worn throughout many seasons. This lookbook features versatile vintage for the transition into spring 2016. Lots of white, neutrals and shades of green are very inspiring to me right now, so I decided to center around that for this collection. These lovely spring hues were offset with black, which may leave you thinking “Really, black for spring?”. But if I’m being honest, I wear black A LOT…in every season! Doesn’t everyone? It seemed fitting as it played on the transition from winter to spring fashion, and it just felt natural. The majority of my wardrobe is black or mostly black, like my all-time favorite 1950’s skirt I’m wearing in this lookbook (everything else you see pictured is in my Etsy shop). All outfit details below.

On another note, we shot this lookbook at the Historic Louisville Water Tower on River Road. It was built in 1856 and is the oldest ornamental water tower in the world. Pretty cool, eh? IMG_4158IMG_4340IMG_4216IMG_4116IMG_4142IMG_4212IMG_4350IMG_4126IMG_4313IMG_4160IMG_4247IMG_4276

Sarah‘s wearing: Vintage 1950’s horse print blouse | Vintage 1950’s Bobbie Brooks skirt (thrifted) | Swedish Hasbeens heels | Vintage sisal tote (coming to the shop soon…if I can manage to part with it!)

Tajah‘s wearing: Vintage 1940’s black velvet Gloria Swanson dress | Swedish Hasbeens heels | Vintage floral fascinator (coming to the shop soon)

Melissa‘s wearing: Vintage 1970’s striped overalls | Vintage 1950’s collared blouse | Vintage wide brim straw hat


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Vintage Lookbook | Signs of Spring

Spring is such a refreshing time of year. Where I live in Old Louisville, trees filled with tiny pink and white blossoms can be spotted along every street. We’ve only been living in this neighborhood for a couple of months now so all of our time spent here has been in the season of winter, anxiously awaiting warmer days. All of our new neighbors kept talking about how gorgeous the neighborhood is in the spring and now that it’s here I soooo get it, it really is breathtaking. Blooms EVERYWHERE.

My husband Kris and I moved into an old 1893 Victorian home in historic Old Louisville. The move, along with and a few other life events and the fact that I have lupus (an autoimmune disease) caused a flare up that forced me to redirect my focus for a couple of months this past winter. It feels so good to see everything blossoming now that we’re all settled in and I’m back in the game. It inspired me so much that I decided to start the new blog off with this post, which will be part of a series of posts where I style different vintage pieces into relevant looks. This one is inspired by the blooms on the trees in my neighborhood, signaling the first sign of Spring. All of the vintage clothing worn in the posts will be available in my shop (details below).

1950's vintage pink cotton summer dress



1950's vintage pink party dress

1950's vintage sheer pink lace nightgown




Thanks for reading my first blog post. I’m pretty excited about sharing more about my lifestyle, how I run my Etsy shop, vintage fashion, etc. What would you like to see posts about? I’d love to know!

Sarah’s wearing: Vintage 1950’s pink chiffon party dress.

Tajah’s wearing: Vintage 1950’s pink chiffon party dress.

Melissa’s wearing: Vintage 1950’s sheer lingerie gown.

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Tea Staining Vintage Dresses | An Experiment

tea staining vintage dresses

I’m trying my hand at tea staining today in an effort to restore some of my vintage dresses. I was really nervous about it, and almost backed out. But, I went for it at the last second. And I am SO glad I tried it! I won’t know how they turned out until later today, but I will update with more pictures as soon as they are finished. Once they are fully restored, they will be available in the shop. If you have any suggestions or techniques for tea staining, I would love to hear them!


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1,000 Vintage Pieces Sold!

vintage buttons and old treasures

We just made our 1,000th sale! I have been selling vintage since 2012 and this has always been a big milestone goal for me. Thanks so much to all of you that helped make this happen, words really can’t express how thankful I am to call this my day job. In honor of this special event I am running a 15% off sale thru the end of the week. Just head on over to the shop and use coupon code OVERTHEMOON during checkout to receive the discount!


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