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Vintage Lookbook | Signs of Spring

Spring is such a refreshing time of year. Where I live in Old Louisville, trees filled with tiny pink and white blossoms can be spotted along every street. We’ve only been living in this neighborhood for a couple of months now so all of our time spent here has been in the season of winter, anxiously awaiting warmer days. All of our new neighbors kept talking about how gorgeous the neighborhood is in the spring and now that it’s here I soooo get it, it really is breathtaking. Blooms EVERYWHERE.

My husband Kris and I moved into an old 1893 Victorian home in historic Old Louisville. The move, along with and a few other life events and the fact that I have lupus (an autoimmune disease) caused a flare up that forced me to redirect my focus for a couple of months this past winter. It feels so good to see everything blossoming now that we’re all settled in and I’m back in the game. It inspired me so much that I decided to start the new blog off with this post, which will be part of a series of posts where I style different vintage pieces into relevant looks. This one is inspired by the blooms on the trees in my neighborhood, signaling the first sign of Spring. All of the vintage clothing worn in the posts will be available in my shop (details below).

1950's vintage pink cotton summer dress



1950's vintage pink party dress

1950's vintage sheer pink lace nightgown




Thanks for reading my first blog post. I’m pretty excited about sharing more about my lifestyle, how I run my Etsy shop, vintage fashion, etc. What would you like to see posts about? I’d love to know!

Sarah’s wearing: Vintage 1950’s pink chiffon party dress.

Tajah’s wearing: Vintage 1950’s pink chiffon party dress.

Melissa’s wearing: Vintage 1950’s sheer lingerie gown.

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